• Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "a gifted artist... one of the finest pianists
    on the international jazz scene today."

    Edward Blanco, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."

    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "Once in a while, an artist shines with the
    unalloyed beauty, accessibility and blitheness.."

    Adrian Pallant, AP-Reviews.com

  "Close to Home" (2021)

"True twenty first century modern jazz sensibilities ...high level of musicality.
an optimistic, and emotional feel, ...remarkable tonality and improvisational skills...
Superbly presented... Greatly enhances the profile of Israeli jazz on the world scene."

"...Beautifully melodic, with strong rhythmic presence...Erev is a wonderful songweaver... His magic touch on the keyboard is pure delight... with glimpses of Bill Evans lurking from above.

Another solid addition to Erev's recorded legacy, and a fine portrait of the diversity of Israeli Jazz... Highly recommended,"

"Ever the melodicist and bestower of hope and light... beauty which clearly amplifies its overarching title...
There's a warmth and a focus that... reflects the album theme.
'Falling in Place' is certainly an irresistible, tightly executed, good-time gem!"

"a pianist with a very rich imagination and an unlimited spectrum of perceiving the smallest subtleties and weaving them into refined sound structures.
...music (that is) elevated to the highest degree of color...
...a coherent, beautiful story, full of lyrical elation, lightness and natural openness...
A real dream team !"    (Translated)

"...Great music that is melodic, complex, surprising and very pleasing to the ear."    (Translated)

"Unusually lyrical pianist, a sort of Israeli Bill Evans,,..."

"A world-class musician...enthralling to hear... "

"warm melodies, nuanced rhythms and piano at the core of rich arrangements... (the) entire album conveys the intimacy of tunes played beautifully."

"Wonderful and beautiful (album). exquisite deft touch... rich vibrancy of melody and harmony... blend a superb synergy of jazz and world music, expressive, sensitive, inspired and spontaneous felt musicianship... full of colour and changing rhythms... Enchanting and transformative experience... Definitely a cd to buy and enjoy."

"music that's really heartfelt, it just plain resonates... A sitting down listening jazz experience that is sure to move you."

"a coherent program, a very personal, original statement by the artist.
...delicate, lyrical and expressive style ...characterized by beautiful melodies and rich, extensive harmony.
optimistic pieces full of vitality."    (Translated)

"(Erev) has a polished grasp of harmonics, of the velvety variety, and a keen understanding of how to stretch the tension factor in the gentlest of ways...

(The covers on the album) are intriguing, and Erev really comes into his melodic element with his rendition of Brazilian songsmith Milton Nascimento's moving "Olha Maria".
...Erev is clearly... a dab hand at caressive keyboard work."

"Super cool piano...
(Erev) has his own warm and engaging style, exemplified on each one of its tracks."

"melodic richness and fluidity... A captivating, joyous celebration... an open, melodically rewarding sensibility...
...one of those albums I'd be happy to put on and enjoy."

"Erev has a gentle and melodic style that is appealing. He is heard at his best on this relaxed set."

"dash of Latin to the modern piano trio format... pleasantly surprised...
Erev's soloing skills (are) economical, not overly theatrical, but heartfelt...

"a melodic lyrical style a la Bill Evans, but also absorbs rhythmic Latin influences.
exudes an optimistic and emotional feeling... that immediately appeals. Honest expressive melodic jazz.    (Translated)

4.5 Stars
"strong melodic processing and rich harmony...
A seating which is great, kind and friendly!"    (Translated)

"The most personal of the albums Ari Erev has released.
delightful piano,.. (all songs) sound really good!"

"Beautifully led lines of harmony radiate a kind of serenity:...
Extremely intrinsic melodicity..."    (Translated)

"...the Brazilian taste is substantially present throughout the album...

"This is a disc to inspire admiration...
These fine musicians have produced a warm and life-enhancing album."

"An appeasing session."

"Joyful moods are created by the pen and piano of Ari Erev, ...a buoyant touch.
a clever read of Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years".
Smiles of sound."

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Radio Interviews/Programs                    

Neon Jazz (English, 2021)
Interview by Joe Dimino (for Close to Home release 2021)

106.2 FM, "Israeli Jazz"    (Hebrew, 2021)
Interview by Yotam Ziv (for Close to Home release 2021)

IDF Radio (GLZ), "Voice of Jazz" program (Hebrew, 2021)
Interview by Dubi Lenz (for Close to Home release 2021)

Close to Home Album Recording Musicians

"Close to Home" Album recording
at Pluto Studios, Tel-Aviv.

Recording Musicians:

Ari Erev - Piano
Assaf Hakimi - Double Bass
Gasper Bertoncelj - Drums
Hadar Noiberg - Flute
Yuval Cohen - Soprano Saxophone
Gilad Dobrecky - Percussion