f "Flow" - Album by Ari Erev, Jazz Pianist and Composer
  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "a gifted artist... one of the finest pianists
    on the international jazz scene today."

    Edward Blanco, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."

    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

New Album:   "Flow" (2016)

Photo: Paul Damien, National Geographic Creative

"a powerful fluid musical statement containing excellent new material,... a remarkable performance from a gifted artist whose expressive playing style and clever compositions, elevate him as one of the finest pianists on the international jazz scene today."

"Beautiful Waltz, modulations that generate hope, bounties and consonance..."

"...Once in a while, an artist shines with the unalloyed beauty, accessibility and blitheness of their approach. ...compositional mastery... ...a quiet sophistication - a fine, sonorous groove... ...Flow certainly seems to catch the summertime mood with finesse."

"...An album that invites you to a repeated listening... ..a whole world of melody and improvisation... One of the most creative Israeli jazz albums I've listened to... Colorful, melodic music, full of emotion and sensitive playing. What else can one ask for?"    (Translated)

"...like an evolving (musical) suite of twelve parts... perfect solos which capture the essence of the album title. A high-class album, you would willingly repeat listening to."    (Translated)

"...the album is beautifully played, with Erev weaving wonderfully melodic piano lines."

"...Wonderful project..., Simply Fun... Beautiful rendering for Gan-Ha-Shikmim"    (Translated) "

"...there's a real, post bop jazz scene in Israel..., this trio could move to Brooklyn tomorrow and convince you there were there all along. Straight ahead stuff that swings, this is the kind of stuff piano trio fans of most stripes dig the most. A solid date that's a winner throughout."

"...Erev is a jazz lyricist following the legacy of pianists as, say, Bill Evans and Fred Hersch...
Flow's melodic compositions, Latin flavor and undoubted mastery of the musicians, are smoothly flowing into each other and create a really good album."    (Translated)

"...This is a thoughtful and lovingly written piece of music, ...
...Excellent composition - Imagine Keith Jarrett's Standards Trio and you might be close to an apt description of "Domingo", a lovely tune, expertly performed...
...a heartwarming set of tunes, lovingly crafted and skilfully performed."

"...Beautiful project... (Erev) is a melodic songwriter..."

"...a pianist... with a lyrical touch reminiscent of Bill Evans"... ...Erev solos gorgeously on every tune."

"...successful post-bop album... (they) deliver some wonderful sounds, as the pianist chimes on "Domingo" while bass and cymbals create a deep space on "Inner Story"... ...Excellent communication skills here."

"...appealing interplay between the trio... ... Erev shows an instinct for an attractive line and the band a liking for digging in, grooving and exploring the melodic possibilities. It makes for a very satisfying listen..."

"...an efficient combination of the spirit of Latin music with the richness of jazz harmonies. ... Delicate, lyrical and expressive style of the pianist, we will see the influence of artists such as Bill Evans and Michel Petrucciani... I have the impression that the music that comes to me is created in real time especially for me."


Flow Album Recording Musicians

"Flow" Album recording
at Pluto Studios, Tel-Aviv.

Recording Musicians:

Ari Erev - Piano
Eli Magen - Double Bass
Ron Almog - Drums
Yuval Cohen - Soprano Saxophone
Gilad Dobrecky - Percussion

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