• Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."
    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

Radio Interviews/Programs

Radio Sol, "Machlif Tzvaim"    (Hebrew, 2018)
Interview by Baruch Fridland.

Israeli Radio, 88 FM, "Not Only Jazz" program (Hebrew, 2016)
Interview by Dubi Lenz.

Israeli Radio "Reshet Gimel" Jazz program (Hebrew, 2016)
Interview by Danny Saguy.

Israeli Radio, "Tarbut Nekuda" (Hebrew, 2012)
Interview by Yuval Meskin.

Israeli Radio, "Reseht B", "Olim Al Ha-Gal"    (Hebrew, 2012)
Interview by Iris Lavie.

Kol Israel "Reshet Alef" Jazz Program (Hebrew, 2008)
Interview by Yuval Meskin.

From the Israeli Press:

Yediot Netanya, Culture, Feb. 26. 2016

Tel-Aviv News 23/3/2012, By Ahser Kesher

Globes, 10/4/2012, By Omer Shomroni
Globes, 10/4/2012, By Omer Shomroni

Tel-Aviv Times, March 3, 2008, By Ahser Kesher

Tel-Aviv News, Feb. 8 2008, By Avi Efrati


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