• Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "a gifted artist... one of the finest pianists
    on the international jazz scene today."

    Edward Blanco, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."

    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

  • Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "Once in a while, an artist shines with the
    unalloyed beauty, accessibility and blitheness.."

    Adrian Pallant, AP-Reviews.com

Selected Press Reviews            

"a powerful fluid musical statement,... a remarkable performance from a gifted artist whose expressive playing style and clever compositions, elevate him as one of the finest pianists on the international jazz scene today."

"Beautiful Waltz, modulations that generate hope, bounties and consonance..."

"...Once in a while, an artist shines with the unalloyed beauty, accessibility and blitheness of their approach. ...compositional mastery... ...a quiet sophistication - a fine, sonorous groove... ...Flow certainly seems to catch the summertime mood with finesse."

"...An album that invites you to a repeated listening... ..a whole world of melody and improvisation... One of the most creative Israeli jazz albums I've listened to... Colorful, melodic music, full of emotion and sensitive playing. What else can one ask for?"    (Translated)

"...like an evolving (musical) suite of twelve parts... perfect solos which capture the essence of the album title. A high-class album, you would willingly repeat listening to."    (Translated)

"...Erev's piano playing is delicately executed... an impressive project indeed...
a presentation of individual, inner beauty..."

"Joyful music, optimistic and full of life... like a delicate and emotional Samba... Excellent album!..."   (Translated)

"True twenty first century modern jazz sensibilities ...high level of musicality.
an optimistic, and emotional feel, ...remarkable tonality and improvisational skills of the leader.
Superbly presented... Greatly enhances the profile of Israeli jazz on the world scene."

"a pianist with a very rich imagination and an unlimited spectrum of perceiving the smallest subtleties and weaving them into refined sound structures.
...music (that is) elevated to the highest degree of color...
...a coherent, beautiful story, full of lyrical elation, lightness and natural openness...
A real dream team !"    (Translated)

"...Great music that is melodic, complex, surprising and very pleasing to the ear."    (Translated)

Radio Interviews/Programs                    

106.2 FM, "Israeli Jazz"    (Hebrew, 2021)
Interview by Yotam Ziv (for Close to Home release 2021)

IDF Radio (GLZ), "Voice of Jazz" program (Hebrew, 2021)
Interview by Dubi Lenz (for Close to Home release 2021)

Neon Jazz (English, 2021)
Interview by Joe Dimino (for Close to Home release 2021)

106.2 FM, "Israeli Jazz"    (Hebrew, 2019)
Interview by Yotam Ziv (for Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival 2019)

Radio Sol, "Machlif Tzvaim"    (Hebrew, 2018)
Interview by Baruch Fridland.

Radio Proglas, Brno, Czechia (Mostly Czech with some English, 2016)
Interview by Milan Tesar.

Israeli Radio, 88 FM, "Not Only Jazz" program (Hebrew, 2016)
Interview by Dubi Lenz.

Israeli Radio "Reshet Gimel" Jazz program (Hebrew, 2016)
Interview by Danny Saguy.

Israeli Radio, "Tarbut Nekuda" (Hebrew, 2012)
Interview by Yuval Meskin.

Israeli Radio, "Reseht B", "Olim Al Ha-Gal"    (Hebrew, 2012)
Interview by Iris Lavie.

Kol Israel "Reshet Alef" Jazz Program (Hebrew, 2008)
Interview by Yuval Meskin.

From the Israeli Press:

Interview for Ha'Aretz "Free Jazz" Blog, by Yotam Ziv (Hebrew, 2019)
( English Translation available here. )

Interview for Ha'aretz Newspaper, 'Free Jazz' Internet Blog, by Yotam Ziv, Dec. 3 2019

Yediot Netanya, Culture, Feb. 26. 2016

Tel-Aviv News 23/3/2012, By Ahser Kesher

Globes, 10/4/2012, By Omer Shomroni
Globes, 10/4/2012, By Omer Shomroni

Tel-Aviv Times, March 7, 2008, By Ahser Kesher
Tel Aviv Times, 7-3-2008

Tel-Aviv News, Feb. 8 2008, By Avi Efrati


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