• Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."
    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

About Time Cover

What the Critics Say...

"...This is a splendid album, quiet and introversive, full of beauty and romance...  Most warmly recommended!..."

"...a session that is of a whole... a meditation, revealing that music is, above all, an extended metaphor for time itself."

"...(Album) with a very personal authentic character... Erev's originals are beautiful ballads..."

"...Erev's album is poetry to the ears... thoughtful and emotive musical interplay between musicians and the listener's experience of the music. Comprised of musical ingenuity and talent that builds upon itself both musically and philosophically, the album will stimulate your mind. Set aside the time to listen to this album straight through."

"Piano playing with a lot of elegance and sensitivity...  it is evident it is performed with great love and with a thorough acquaintance and respect for the history of Jazz..."   (Translated)

"...a fine trio of solid musicians... (Erev's solo on "These Foolish Things") is a study in ideation... The stars were aligned just right when "I Remember You" was added to the mix... This album is jazz in its true form!. 5 STARS!"

"...a pianist of gentle melody and delicate feeling... he has a story to tell us in his music."   (Translated)

"How pleasant it is to meet "About Time", Ari Erev's new album! Relaxed, and skilled Trio playing with a deep and warm sound, showing a great love for Jazz? Ari combines abstraction and complexity with warmth, delicacy and beauty, and he does it gently and intelligently, leaving space to each of these foundations... A heartwarming album with evidence of talent, maturity and lots of good taste... "   (Translated)

" ...By virtue of the flowing swingy improvization, this piano trio CD is a classical Jazz album. ...Two Israeli standards with which Erev makes miracles and wonders of purified beauty..."   (Translated)

"...program that is coherent in feeling and approach, lyrical, melodic and carefully reserved Some of the original compositions are well-articulated, with a clear and elegantly developed theme, with enough room for his trio members to add their own comments..."

"...very heartfelt jazz trio music... a beautiful "Turn Out The Stars" as program closer? Erev succeeds in displaying his love of this music..."

"Super great album!... Great renditions of the Bill Evans tunes, and the Israeli tunes fit so well - a very consistent story from beginning to end! Great recording and playing by all of you. Congratulations on a great album."

"(the music) has the quality that is very precious - it conveys and evokes very personal and deep emotions. Ari's playing is very warm and delicate, full of sensitivity. Highly recommended."

From the Israeli Press:

Tel-Aviv Times 7/3/2008

About Time Cover

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