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     Music-Related Links

  • Bill Evans Web Pages
    This site has a lot of information about Bill Evans. Possibly the closest thing to the "official" Bill Evans web site.

  • Bill Evans Web Resources Pages
    Another Bill Evans web site with plenty of information.

  • "Time Remembered"
    Created by cardiologist and Bill Evans' aficionado, Dr. Rob Rijneke, this site provides a lot of information about Jazz piano in general, and Bill Evans music in particular. Including biography, discography, concerts in The Netherlands and a long list of Bill Evans tribute albums. Very personal touch. Highly recommended!

  • Pascal Wetzel's site - "Bill Evans Transcriptions"
    French pianist Pascal Wetzel enourmouse work of transcribing and documenting Bill Evans music, either as full transcriptions or in lead sheet form, is featured on this site. Wetzel's work is of outstanding quality and is very important in preserving Evans' legacy. Some of the transcriptions are quite difficult to master, as they convey a very accurate representation of the music as played by Bill Evans. Thank you very much, Pascal Wetzel, for this great work!

  • Pianist Kenny Barron web page
    Kenny Barron's official web page. Another Jazz pianist whose music is an inspiration to me.

  • Udi Kazmirski  (bass)
    This is the (non-active) site of Udi Kazimirski - a great Double-Bass player, with wonderful touch and sound, a musician in heart and soal which I had the privilage to play with in the last years. Udi has passed away in July 2012. From the first few notes we played together I knew it would be fun to cooperate with him. He always had some new musical insight to share, and playing with him and following his ideas used to be always a great joy for me. Rest in Peace, Udi!...

  • Adi Yeshaya (arranger & pianist)
    Composer, arranger and pianist Adi Yeshaya, an old personal friend and a musician  I tremendously appreciate.

  • Dan Adler (guitar)
    New York-based jazz guitarist. an old friend with whom I performed my first gigs.

  • Tami Gerassi (Kelly)  (vocalist)
    Tami is among the most talented Jazz vocalists I have been cooperating with. We have been playing and performing together for the last few years.

  • Robert Anchiplovsky  (sax.)
    Robert is a great saxophonist and an amazing musician with whom I always like to play.

  • Vinnie Venkov  (bass)
    Vinnie and I have been cooperating for a few years now, on a number of projects. Vinnie is an accomplished Bass player, and a fantastic musician. I have learned a lot from playing with him and listening to his feedback.

  • Julia Feldman  (vocalist)
    Julia is a very creative and innovative jazz vocalist with whom I have the pleasure of cooperating from time to time. Her interpretations to Jazz standards are far from being standard...

    An Internet Radio station that is broadcasting Jazz over the internet. The station also plays my music, in the "Mellow Jazz" and "Straight-Ahead" channels. Check it out Here.

     Other Links

  • Pick 'N' Roll
    A great and very professional site about... Basketball    (in Hebrew...).
    If you wonder what has a Basketball-related site to do on this page -  look for the name of the site author...  whom I love very much!

  • Flat for short-time rents in Tel-Aviv
    for short-time stays in the Tel-Aviv area - I recommend a two-rooms, lovely appartement located in a quiet street, in the center of Tel-Aviv. Highly Recommended!

  • Green Brown - Carton Furniture
    Beautiful, strong and environment-friendly furniture made of Carton, by a very good friend of mine.

  • Good Food'n Wine... and all that Jazz
    A very nice blog on good dining, Wine and other culinary issues, including selected Israeli restaurants reviews.

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